Biogas Based Cogeneration

Project BIG EAST

Implementation of technology in Bulgaria - project financed by "Intelligent Energy Europe”

The BiG>East Project (EIE/07/214), enjoys the assistance of the European Commission under the “Intelligent Energy - Europe” Program.

Expert countries under the project are Germany, Austria, and Denmark, possessing a significant number of currently operating biogas plants and vast experience in the field of planning, construction, and maintenance of specified plants.

The objective of BiG>East pertains to popularization of capabilities for processing of organic agricultural waste, sludge from Wastewater treatment plants /WWTPs/, and organic household waste, representing a serious problem in many regions of Eastern Europe.

During the past several years, in Bulgaria there is an increased interest towards projects pertaining to production and utilization of biogas. Regardless of this fact, there are still no constructed installations for biogas production. Bulgaria possesses good infrastructure and suitable framework for waste management. The system for separate collection and recycling of waste in Bulgaria is still not functioning adequately well, due to which fact, a large part of the biodegradable waste ends up in landfills.

Biogas production represents an effective measure for reducing Bulgaria’s dependency on fossil fuel imports and in addition it represents an efficient means for limitation of methane emissions and other harmful gas emissions, generating unfavorable environmental impact.

One of the principal contributions of biogas production pertains to the fact that via anaerobic biological treatment of animal manure a possibility is created for reduction of excreted nitrogen emissions quantities by manure, thus limiting soil pollution by nitrates.

Renewable energy production, including biogas energy production, also contributes to the social and economic sector of the state – creating possibilities for providing new jobs and future development of village regions in the country.

The interest towards production of biogas from organic waste is growing more and more during the past years. Currently, the potential raw materials for biogas production are not used to the fullest possible extent. The agricultural structure and its development are favorable for biogas production. The most promising regions for biogas plants planning in Bulgaria are the Northeast, North-Central, and South-Central regions.

A principal obstacle for execution of biogas projects in Bulgaria pertains to the fact that currently no legislative framework is in existence, directed at biogas production. The other obstacle is related to the fact that the agricultural producers, industry, and society possess a low level of information regarding the biogas technologies and the ecological, social, and economic benefits of their relevant implementation.

In order to overcome the existing problems, pertaining to production and use of biogas in Bulgaria, an active participation is required of all state institutions, of society as a whole and of NGOs.

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