1. Energy
  2. Civil and Transportation Engineering
  3. Spatial Planning
  4. New and Renewable Energy


Design of national projects for energy production, Hydro Power Plants /HPPs/ and Thermal Power Plants /TPPs/, Atomic, Thermal, and Hydro Electric Power Plants, electrical systems and electricity transportation networks /grids/.

  • Creation of Bulgarian requirements for protective management facilities, international safety requirements and relevant Bulgarian regulations;
  • Design of facility for treatment and storage of radioactive waste;
  • Technical design of energy facilities, including atomic facilities; planning, research, and studies of energy systems, forecasting and expert appraisals and construction management;
  • Design of thermal and diesel electric power plants, thermal /heating/ plants, gas supply, and regional heating networks;
  • Design of dams and hydraulic constructions, hydro power plants, pumping-accumulator plants, small hydro power plants and water supply systems;
  • Design of high voltage lines, city networks /grids/, substations, and automated control systems;
  • Technical design and management of radioactive waste for national direction, radioactive protection systems, and storage of spent nuclear fuel;
  • Design of renewable power sources, systems for supplementary water, and wastewater treatment plants;
  • Design in the field of treatment of household, industrial, and hazardous waste;
  • Environmental assessment and investigation;
  • Environmental pollution control;
  • Consulting activities on energy technologies, development of energy strategies and policies;
  • Energy efficiency programs management.

Renewable energy portfolio management

  • Feasibility studies, design, and specifications
  • Assessment and selection of energy site platforms
  • Consultations upon technology assessment
  • Conceptual design of various plants
  • Financial-economic assessments and business plans
  • Systems modeling
  • Permits and licenses
  • Substation design
  • Technical and working designs
  • Construction management
  • Operation and maintenance

Енергопроект АД

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