Spatial Planning

Direction STRUCTURE PLANNING is a new structure of „ENERGOPROEKT” AD. It includes specialists, architects, and engineers, performing activities in connection with execution of structure schemes and designs, along with survey and consulting activities in the field of city structure planning. The section operates with the other directions of the „ENERGOPROEKT” AD structure. For many sites the design process is preceded by execution of requisite structure related procedures pertaining to change of intended use and regulation of land properties, execution of building design or change of currently effective regulation and building plan for regulation of land properties.

The section works in the field of city structure problems solution and task solving related to properties inside or outside the urbanized territories limits. This includes activities on survey of specific property, ascertainment of relevant intended use, mode of use and other city structure parameters, and provision of requisite information. Based upon specified survey an analysis and assessment are carried out of investment capabilities and a structure plan is developed, containing optimum indicators of each specific case. The section provides consultations on structure related problems and matters, connected to regulation and building /construction/ over land properties, along with capabilities for implementation of investment intentions of a specific property.

Енергопроект АД

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