Project for Reconstruction and Extension of Port Lesport

In 2009 in consortium with the Dutch company Royal Haskoning Energoproekt worked out the project for the expansion of port Lesport Varna within the aquatory of the Varna Lake. The idea of the owner is to turn the old port into a modern terminal for different freights by increasing the useful surface with constructing of a new quay wall and differentiating of new berths. For this purpose was developed a design for changing of the bathmetry of the adjacent aquatory with large scope of dredging activities for increasing of the depth in order to allow berthing of vessels with 50,000 DWT at the new quay wall. The accomplishment of this project shall increase the useful surface of the port twice and the new technological solutions shall turn it into a modern facility for handling of freights. The marine part of the project is prepared by an experienced designers' team from Royal Haskoning. The designing of the aboveground part, which comprises of two basic sub-sites - grain terminal and terminal for liquid fuels is being implemented by "ENERGOPROEKT".

The Grain terminal will handle the goods received by trucks and railway wagons into indoor stores and an open-air store. Afterwards the grain cargo will be transported to the new berths for loading by means of transport facilities. The new-built modern grain terminal will allow the fast handling of the freights. The technological conception complies with the storage capacity and gives the possibility for automatic unloading and loading of the goods. The storage areas may be used for different types of bulk freights, as the necessary areas will be determined by means of movable separation walls. In the indoor stores will be stored different packed goods that will be reloaded by means ot transport equipment.

The following facilities will be constructed at the territory of the Grain terminal:

  • Silo farm for grains 5 х 5 000 tons, 3 х 2 000 tons
  • Sheltered store for grains 15,000 tons
  • Sheltered store for Dry Bulk cargo 2 х 4 000 sq. m
  • Sheltered store for General cargo 6 250 sq. m
  • Open-air store 1 х 4 000 sq. m

The Liquid fuel terminal is a storage facility for different type of products that allows their moving in and put of the store by means of trucks, railway wagons and ships. The technological conception gives the possibility for automatic loading and unloading activities. At the storage part of the Liquid fuel terminal will be constructed reservoirs for oil products, bio-diesel, vegetable and mineral oils. In the marine area a trestle will be built for loading and unloading of the liquid fuels on and from vessels.

The storage farm of the Liquid terminal comprises of the following independently separated reservoir volumes:

  • Oil products 4 х 14,500 m³
  • Bio-diesel 5 х 3,250 m³ ,1 х 1,350 m³
  • Vegetable oils 4 х 3,250 m³, 4 х 1,350 m³
  • Mineral oils 4 х 6,500 m³

At the territory of the terminal a pump station for reloading of the products, fire-fighting system and servicing station for automatic control of the processes will be constructed.

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