„Energoproekt” is a Company with history spanning the course of over sixty years. During this entire period „Energoproekt” AD strengthened its positions as a principle institute for scientific activities, progress, and design in the field of power engineering. All energy projects in the country, from the smallest hydro power plant or thermal plant, to the largest hydro power plants, thermal plants, Atomic Power Plant /APP/ “Kozloduy”, and electricity transportation grid, were designed on part of „Energoproekt” AD. The Company participated and participates actively in the operation of designed sites.

„Energoproekt” AD was designer and consultant of a large number of sites located abroad. During the years of development and improvement, various departments and laboratory teams were established, adapting to the new methods and engineering technologies. Great significance was placed upon the national energy strategy, reconstruction and renovation of Thermal Power Plants /TPPs/ and Hydro Power Plants /HPPs/, increased operational security of APP, elimination of negative environmental impacts, economical and efficient development directions of the energy sector.

„Energoproekt” AD constantly improved its structure and organization of work in view of rapidly changing market environment in the country. Flexible market strategies were implemented in this direction. Considerable funds were allotted to software products improvement and computer networks creation.

Енергопроект АД

51, James Boucher Blvd., 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone. +359 2 960 78 00
Fax +359 2 866 89 51

VAT № BG 831367237
UIC 831367237

Board of Directors:
Nikola Stoilov
Jivko Jeliazkov
Magdalena Ilkova
Veseling Vangelov

Financial Director:
Rusko Kuzmov