Project for Extension and Reconstruction of Kazan International Airport

The city of Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan that is a part of Russian Federation. Its population is more than 1 million of citizens. Thanking to the lots of natural resources in the region and its geographical location, the city attracts an increasing traffic not only of the domestic, but also of the international airlines. In 2013 Kazan will be a host of the Summer Universiade organised by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The event will attract worldwide attention and this imposes the necessity of suitable entrance to the city, accessible for the whole world, and the Kazan International Airport has to try to satisfy these necessities.

The conception for the extension of the Kazan International Airport was developed by Fraport AG under an order of Bulgarian Aviation Group and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The created design – General Plan – consists of two main sub-stages: Stage 1 – Construction of Terminal "1A" with one two-storied car park and one open-air car park, and Stage 2 – Elaboration of the design for Terminal "1B" with open-air and a sheltered car parks.

Under Stage 1 the building of the Terminal "1A" will be completed, at the east side of the existing Terminal 1, with two-storied car park for 220 cars and an open-air car park for 360 cars and 30 buses. The Terminal 1 is the main terminal of the Kazan Airport. It handles the most airlines, including Lufthansa. The construction of a new wing – terminal 1A – is of a prime importance and will drastically relief the stress on the old Terminal 1. The construction of the new building began on 27.09.2009 after an order of the Prime Minister of Tatarstan and has to be completed till October 2011.

In the current architectural and planning concept for the Terminal 1A of the Kazan International Airport, the technological solutions for the process of servicing the passengers and the handling of the luggage, solutions for functional separation of the areas, based on the requirements of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and following the Russian norms for designing, have been presented.

Besides for the Terminal 1A, the scheme of the General Plan is also a conception for the project for reconstruction and extension of the passenger area in front of the airport building.

The area of the airport in front of the Terminal 1А has convenient traffic organization and dividing of the private and service vehicles flow, as well as presence of covered car-park at two levels for 220 cars.

The passengers' terminal is planned to handle 1.2 million of passengers per year, particularly 600 passengers (arrivals and departures) in the peek hours at international, as well as at domestic airlines, with obligatory compliance with the requirements for servicing the passengers in the areas category "C", according to the IATA classification. The design for the airport takes into consideration all the measures for ensuring the free moving and access of disabled persons.

Main technical and economic parameters:

  • adjacent territory – 9.5 ha;
  • area for the construction of the buildings – 10,000 sq. m;
  • total area for the Terminal 1А – 14,700 sq. m;
  • total area for the car park – 6,500 sq. m;
  • building volume – 134,640 m3;
  • annual terminal capacity – 1,200,000 passengers;
  • terminal capacity in the peek hour – 600 passengers per hour (arrivals and departures);
  • ratio of the passengers' flow: 40 % (international lines) to 60 % (domestic lines);
  • number of controlled entrances – 2 ;
  • number of exits for boarding the aircraft – 4.

The decisions on the General Plan have been approved taking into consideration the following principles:

  • optimal usage of the area;
  • economy of the development stages;
  • configuration planning of the scheme for area usage;
  • strict planning of the areas in front of the airport.

The following will be constructed at the territory of the Terminal 1A of the Kazan Airport:

  • waiting room for arrivals / departures (international and domestic lines);
  • office area;
  • queuing area in the area for registration;
  • luggage zone for arrivals / departures (international and domestic lines);
  • security zone and zone for customs control;
  • sterile zones;
  • retail zone (area for trade activities, coffee-bars, fast food, souvenirs, duty free);
  • zone for medical and sanitary control;
  • zone for service body and administration;
  • communication centres;
  • sanitary rooms;
  • zone for the representation offices of the airlines;
  • representation offices for car renting (Rent a Car), taxi, hotel booking, newspaper kiosks and telephone services, etc.;
  • zone of the airport administration and service zone;
  • "business class" zone;
  • prayer room;
  • pharmacy;
  • room for mothers with children.

The conception for the Terminal envisages line construction of the building with one level for servicing of the passengers, as well as for handling of the luggage.

The premises are designed ensuring the maximum level of safety as in the air, as well as in the ground servicing, and presence of total control over the aviation safety.

The principles for the building of the architectural vision of the Terminal 1А were formed on the base of the following factors:

  • flexibility;
  • functionality;
  • structural constructivism;
  • airy / ventilation of the indoor areas;
  • clearly oriented premises, corresponding to the psychology of the passengers;
  • simplicity of the design and details;
  • contemporary architecture of the airport bulging;
  • facade structure of the plane constructions with reflecting features and thermostatic characteristics;
  • thermo-insulation of all fencing glass planes on the principle of "air thermal pillow";
  • effective sound insulation of the noise from the aircraft engines;
  • following of the normative basis of the Russian Federation related to the environmental, thermal and sound effect.

During Stage 2 the design for the Terminal "1B" will be developed that envisages demolishing of the existing Terminal 1 and building at its place of a new, totally functional and operative terminal building – "1B". Moreover, the construction of sheltered car park for 500 cars, as well as open-air car park for 400 cars is planned. The execution of this stage of the Project "Extension and Reconstruction of the Kazan International Airport" is planned to begin after completion of the Terminal 1A in 2010 and to be completed till the beginning of 2013 at the latest.

During the construction of the Terminal "`A" and "1B" the existing tower of the Air Traffic Control and its adjacent building of the Territorial Centre for Air Traffic Control. These facilities will be reconstructed in order to comply with the contemporary standards and the common look of the group of buildings of the Kazan International Airport. The passengers' terminals will be of standard 5* that is equivalent to code С+ of IATA. The final completion of the construction of all the facilities is planned for the end of 2012 in relation with the holding of the World Universiade – 2013 in Kazan.

The future of the Kazan International Airport will be impressive and effective for the passengers and airport operations. The airport will possess all facilities necessary for ensuring the maximum security and safety, but will also predispose the passengers to use the offered comfort. The design is developed taking into consideration that the Kazan International Airport is an "International gate of the Republic of Tatarstan" and it will leave in the world public suitable impression of the high standard of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan – the city of Kazan!

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