Energoproekt's Experience in the Design of Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Networks

ENERGOPROEKT has designed the most of the electric power transmission networks of the country, as well as a significant part of electric power distribution networks. The large power substations in Bulgaria are also built under the designs of ENERGOPROEKT.

Design and consultancy services performed by ENERGOPROEKT PLC during the last years:

  • Investigations, design, execution and management of projects for power substation Varna 750/400 kV and power substations 400 kV – substation Blagoevgrad 400/110 kV; substation Chervena mogila 400/110 kV, substation Sofia Zapad 400/110 kV, substation Stolnik 400/110 kV, substation Mizija 400/220/110 kV, substation Tsarevets 400/110 kV, substation Dobrudzha 400/220/110 kV, substation Bourgas 400/110 kV, substation Plovdiv 400/220/110 kV, substation Zlatitsa 400/110 KV and power substations 220 kV – substation Kazichene 220/110 kV, substation Sofia Yug 220/110 kV, substation Uzundzhovo 220/110 kV, substation Madara 220/110 kV, substation Boychinovtsi 220/110 kV, substation Gorna Orjahovitsa 220/110 kV, substation Balkan 220/110 kV, substation Chudomir 220/110kV, substation Aleko 220/110 kV;
  • Project Energja 1, funded by the World Bank. Preparation of tender documentation for supply, installation and commissioning of electrical equipment;
  • Design of canals and overhead electric power transmission lines between power systems of Bulgaria and Romania, Russia and Moldova;
  • PHARE Program Project CBC 9402-02.01. Improvement of the simultaneous operation of the Bulgarian and Greek electric power systems – Preparation of tender documents for supply of comutating, in cooperation with KEMA – ECC, The Netherlands;
  • PHARE Program Project 200/03. Investigation of HV electric power transmission system, in cooperation with Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG, Germany;
  • PHARE Program Project BG 9207-01. Emergency supply of electric power and performance of a campaign for short-term reducing of the energy consumption, in cooperation with Friedemann & Johnson Consultants GmbH, Germany;
  • PHARE Program Project BG 9411-02-01. Organizational and technical measurements for monitoring and control of the losses in the electric power transmission and distribution systems, in cooperation with ENEL – Italy and TRACTEBEL – Belgium;
  • Optimal long-terms extension of the HV electric power transmission system (110, 220, 400 and 750 kV) of Bulgaria till 2010;
  • Electric power line 400 kV, 220 kV, 110 kV of the Bulgarian power system and inter-system electric power transmission connections between the systems of Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Turkey and Greece;
  • TPP Maritsa East 2 – Design for construction of transformer substation;
  • NEC PLC, Sofia – Description of the program for calculation of the relay protection settings in the electric power systems 110-750 kV(RZ_CARLYS);
  • NEC PLC, High Voltage Networks Company – TPP Maritsa East 2 – Outdoor Switchgear 400 kV;
  • NEC PLC, Trafoelektroinvest company – Rehabilitation of Indoor Switchgear – TPP Maritsa East 3;
  • NEC PLC, Trafoelektroinvest company – Connection of substation Proslav;

Енергопроект АД

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Board of Directors:
Nikola Stoilov
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Financial Director:
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